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Dickinson High School BBQ Team

The Dickinson FFA is starting a High School Barbeque Competition Team at Dickinson High School. This team will provide a new opportunity for high school students to become involved in a student activity geared towards competition barbeque, meat science and butchery, and culinary science. This opportunity will allow students to travel across the state competing against other high school teams for the chance to qualify for the state championship. Getting this team started is no easy task and we are looking for sponsors to help us out. Sponsor money will be used to cover initial registration and entry fees, purchasing needed equipment, and student travel costs. Some initial costs and sponsorship levels have been outlined below. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. In addition to monetary donations from sponsors we are also looking to partner with businesses in the world of competition barbeque to use the best seasonings, sauces, marinades, charcoal, fire wood, and all other supplies needed to to bring home the hardware! If your barbeque business wants to support the youth and get great exposure, let us know how we can get that next walk using your merchandise. Dickinson FFA is a student-run, non-profit and tax exempt organization. Documentation can be provided upon request for tax and sponsorship purposes. 

Initial Registration and Entry Fees: $200 initial + $200 per event

Initial Equipment & Supplies: $5000* Approx.(List Attached)

Recurring Supplies Costs: $250 per event

Sponsor Levels:

  • Championship Sponsor: $1000+
  • Blue Ribbon Sponsor: $500
  • Red Ribbon Sponsor: $250
  • White Ribbon Sponsor: $100

Again, Thank you for your continued support of the Dickinson FFA Organization and our endeavors into the world of competitive barbeque. 

The High School Barbecue Team will participate in the National High School Barbecue League sanctioned by the National High School Barbecue Association. Click the logo to visit the NHSBA page and the TXHSBA page. 

HSBBQ - Home of the High School BBQ League


Clay Menotti - Sponsor cmenotti1@dickinsonisd.org 281-229-6045


Equipment & Supply List Clay Menotti 8/31/2023 28 KB
Sponsor Letter Clay Menotti 8/31/2023 96 KB
Sponsor Donation Form Clay Menotti 8/31/2023 96 KB
Sponsor Flyer Clay Menotti 8/31/2023 233 KB



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